However Our National game is Hockey but Pakistanis are  obsessed with two games one is cricket and other is Ludo, since my childhood I used to play Ludo with my siblings or  cousins and I don't remember ever I won. As everything is getting advanced and digital Ludo has become latest sensation all over the world with Smart phone app ' Ludo Star ' and everyone is addicted to this game and who els don't want to win this game ?
The gorgeous couple took this obsession to another level The Bride & Groom found playing Ludo on their wedding while guest were enjoying Dinner. The photographer Abdul Samad Zia captured this adorable moment in his lens and shared this story with such a beautiful candid click of the couple playing Ludo   .

'Please dont' kill' he said. :|'Oh come on! Only If you had won from me on our Wedding Day!' She replied. When the dinner was served, we thought to take some more pictures of them, so we looked towards the stage and could not see them! Later that moment, the cutest couple were found playing Ludo at the corner of the hall and guess what, even on this day, SHE WAS WINNING! 
Relationship Goals these days:'When your guy creates a table in Ludo Star, adds you up, and then 'Exits to Lobby' immediately just to make you earn coins. "

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