Chanar Ghati, a story by Mohammad Ahmed & Umar Khitab travels back and forth in time to unravel mysterious events and eerie phenomena.

Chanar Ghati is a story of a mysterious town, two sisters alive or dead? reality or illusion?

In the 19th century there lived a Nawab who ruled a town " Chanar Ghati" after British attack Chanar Ghati remained safe until JalalRao, to be son in law of the Nawab sold Chanar Ghati. However Rao loved Jahan Ara, eldest daughter of Nawab, but he failed against his greed. Rao killed Nawab but lost his love. Keeping their Father's promise Geti and Jahan Ara lost the battle of life for respect.

Fast Forward-  Sajid and Maria are colleagues in an advertising agency and starts developing a romance. Then suddenly Sajid disappears while he hunting for a mysterious location “Chanar Ghati”. However, his family and friends kept on searching. Perhaps Sajid has some strange experiences, welcomed by two beautiful ladies, Sajid enjoys the hospitality. Later, Sajid sense some evil forces that there is some sinister.

Maria. a role played by famous VJ/ Host turned actress Anoushey Ashraf is an energetic character who works under "Dino", Dino renown FM presenter of Pakistan choose "Chanar Ghati" a special project by Ghazanfar Ali, as his television comeback. Both the characters work with Sajid, who left work to explore "Chanar Ghati" and his connection. Maria "Anoushey" forced Sajid to pay a visit, as "Dino" her senior wants to shoot a campaign there. Sajid who is fond of travelling couldn't resist and left to explore this new destination. Coming back to Anoushey and Dino, we are sure the audience drooled over their comeback and loving their chemistry as co-workers.

In the previous episode, Sajid went to explore Chanar Ghati and was unable to find his way, however, he saw a horse cart on the way towards Chanar Ghati and he offered his hand for lift. Now, in the latest episode, Sajid waved his hand at two ladies who were hiding their faces, which made him curious, upon asking the two ladies who looked like Jahan Ara and Geti Ara, explained Sajid about their presence, and the long way they travelled. But, Jahan Ara and Geti died in the last episode right? and their mysterious presence after a decade is making audience curious.

Singer, Youtuber & now actor Ali Noor makes his grand entry in the second episode of Chanar Ghati as “Ali Rao”

Later, Maira seemed upset due to Sajid’s lost connection, however her friend and colleague recommended her to stay calm, in the same scene Maira picked up a call after which her face became pale, inquiring about the call Maira explained Ali Rao mysterious presence in her life and he is offering a date which she obviously refused.

on the other hand, Sajid woke up after two days and demanded a phone call which Geti refused as they don’t use networks in Chanar Ghati. However, their conversation interrupted when Jahan Ara informed Geti about Rao’s son Ali Rao’s entry at Karachi and directed her to visit Karachi.
Later in the last a few scenes Geti and Sajid explored Chanar Ghati’s greenery which was way to opposite and Geti’s explanation opened the door for uncertainties.

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Chanar Ghati  Every wednesday at 8pm on TV ONE
Cast: Aly Khan, Ali Noor, Shamayel, SamiyaMumtaz, Anoushey, Dino, Tipu
Writers : Mohammad Ahmed & Umar Khitab
Director : Ghazanfar Ali
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