Recently a video went viral on social media In which an aged shopkeeper , was seen harassing and molesting a teenage a young girl in broad day light , openly in public . It is accounted for that Haji Rasool Ahmed Mian was found guilty
It is said that the person who made this video was seeing this man since many days and chose to discharge it via social media. However, the details of this man were later uncovered regardless we're thinking about whether any further action have been made against this horrendous disgusting act ?

Question is when  when will this come to an end ? It is miserable to see young girls facing such horrific acts  and yes, we know some may even say that the young girl in the video didn't resist or said  anything, for what reason would it be advisable for it to issue to you? Truly, you, in the event that you think along these lines, change your mindset. It is debilitated. It is not alright, and it is disturbing. This needs to stop and no religion instructs a person to harass  or molest !

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