Just  Minutes ago Few Leaked pictures of Mahira Khan and RanbirKapoor sparked on Inernet and goes viral like a ' Jungle Ki Aaag' 
We have no idea what are they up to . Maybe they themselves will reveal insight into this in future .
But we can't wait to bring you the pictures.
Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan have been clicked by a paparazzi on the street of New York  and the photo are voyaging wild on internet .

 The question is: Are Ranbir and Mahira in touch? Do they hang out sometimes?

pictures Shows he closeness of these two hotties but We are just curious about the details of this meeting may be it is for  some secret project ?
But  the love Bite on Mahira's back has become talk of the town !

Few months back one of India's most authetic website published news of Mahira Khan and Ranbir kapoor relation and they post a video in which Ranbir Kapoor expressed his affection for Mahira Khan 
Watch here: 
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