The Hyderabad police reported on Thursday to have solved mystery of the murder of a lady whose dead body was found in a completely  burnt car on December 7.She was identified as PML-F leader Saira Naseer . Hyderabad SSP Peer Muhammad Shah uncovered at a press conference on Thursday that Saira Naseer was killed by her own son Fahad Shah in the name of honor.
According to the SSP, Saira, who was also a former women wing leader of the Pakistan Muslim League – Functional, was killed with a pestle by her son. “He [the son] struck her over the head with a pestle. She instantly fell unconscious and started bleeding,” the officer said, adding that she eventually died from the injury. Interestingly, the pestle was recovered from the kitchen of her bungalow in Defence Phase II in Hyderabad around 20 days after the incident

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