Directed by veteran actress Sakina Samoo and produced under the banner of Sadia Jabbar Production who has been previously produced a film Balu Mahi she made her comeback in production with the drama serial Mere Bewafa , 

Sarah Khan and Agha Ali -starrer Merey Bewafa has been in the news mainly for its real life couple. They have gone all out to promote what is being deemed, as their first drama as couple, Today I have binge myself with the first five episodes of drama. 

Azra is a typical girl who happens to be an obedient, loving wife and cousin of Shahmeer . Whereas Shahmeer played by Agha Aly is an arrogant and carefree husband whose priority is just her mother and sisters; He has shown a least interest in her beloved wife Azra her prime objective is to keep her husband and his family happy but her mother-in-law always comes as a complain register and try to create misunderstanding between their son,s and wife she happen to be the perfect example of Pakistani saas. She never misses a chance to humiliate her bahu. Scenes between her shugufta ejaz and her daugters are quite entertaining but at times it gives you cringe how can someone be soo mean. 
Shugufta ejaz is playing a character we all hate but we all adore on screen.
 The only respite for azra is her friend mona played by zhalay sarahadi, who is a perfect example of modern women who happen to be the azra,s best friend  Whereas  . Her dialogue delivery is perfect and she has shed her avatar to be this sweet and demure lady but everything is just not what it seems the innocent azra did not know the fact that her best friend is also her sautan. Her bewafa is not her husband but her best friend. I just love the audacity of shahmeer presenting her anniversary gift to her new wife not Azra.  

In episodes they have managed to create feel that how madly Azra loves shahmeer. The pain of azra can easily be witnessed in the last episode and repentance of mona does not make any difference to us because all sympathies are with azra. Whereas shahmeer “nikla bewafa” he is cheating on her best friend who happen to be azra,s best friend and only solace in the world how can both her most trusted people can deceive azra. 

If the tackiness of daily soaps puts you off, mere bewafa with its finesse is a welcome change. The story promises to be an enthralling one, so you should surely give it a watch.

Mere Bewafa - Complete OST | Dhuhayain
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