Visaal- Episode 14 Review

Visaal is one of those dramas that capture your interests from the get go, not simply because the plot is engaging but also because the cast is just as brilliant. From Saboor Aly to Zahid Khan, as well as Hania Amir, there is not a single person who will not compel you to remain on edge for newer episodes to air. With 14 episodes down, this serial has now come to the crux of the show; will Pari find out that it is her best friend who became the reason for her destruction and ultimately the death of her father?
Here is what happened in episode 14.

Finally The Hunk We Had All Been Waiting For!

Yes, Zahid Khan got rid of those filthy looks and has again resumed the look of the handsome man that he is! That is the first thing that we are shown in today’s episode. This was definitely one of the highlights of the drama. Akku also admits to his old friend of how he is bewitched by Pari and can’t imagine a single day without catching a glimpse of her.

The serial then progresses on to show how Pari has been able to identify the ‘mujrim’ who stabbed her father. She continues to be grief stricken about her father’s demise and is unable to come to terms with it. Naheed, sad for her friend, is also drowning under the guilt of being the one who ruined her friend’s life by destroying her reputation.

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