Ghamand Epiosde 4 – Review

Ghamand is one of those dramas that capture your attention, not simply because the plot is appealing but also the cast is just as brilliant. With every episode, this serial brings new turns and twists to keep you glued to your seats.

Maqsood’s mother is on the verge of getting Maqsood remarrying for the sake of a child and wants his son to leave Shaheena but her wealth doesn’t let her in laws to opt for this decision. Shaheena’s Father is in the utter rage and exasperated with the behavior of Maqsood while Shaheena still cannot accept the fact that Maqsood does not care for her and she still does not see any fault in him. She is madly in love with her husband, which also made her to almost commit suicide when she came to know about Maqsood getting married again.

Abba Jee on the other side is helpless and has no choice but to reconcile relations between them and just for the sake of his daughter’s happiness, he bestows a great amount of property to Maqsood so that Shaheena can live well with him.

A new character is also introduced to the audience in this episode played by the magnificent Saman Ansari who had a relation with Maqsood in past and claims to have his daughter too. It is shown that nobody knows about this nuptial of Maqsood and even he has no clue that he has a daughter from his ex-wife.

We wonder how Shaheena will react when this reality is unveiled to her! Will Shaheena forgive Maqsood for this betrayal? To find out, stay tuned and watch Ghamand every Friday at 8pm on APlus TV.

By Nimrah Khan

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