Visaal - Review of Episode 15

The much awaited episode of Visaal aired on Wednesday at 9 pm on ARY TV. Fans were not disappointed by the fast pace that the serial has managed to retain with the 15th episode as well. Zahid Khan is the perfect villain as Akku in Visaal, trying his utmost to ruin the life of not just Pari’s (Hania Amir), but his wife, Naheed’s (Saboor Aly) as well. He wants Pari at every cost and is willing to go to any lengths in order to make her his.

Here is what happened in today’s episode.

The Relentless Crying

As sad as Pari’s father’s demise is, it is becoming kind of boring watching her crying and ranting against his death and how society needs to let single girls who are parentless, breath. Yes you are right, but crying about it in front of Naheed is doing you absolutely no good, sweetheart. Take a stand or conform!

Naheed will Save the Day

As Naheed’s mother strives very hard to marry Pari off to the next guy walking down the street, Naheed is determined to atone for her sins by ensuring that no such thing happens. Not only does she seem like the central character of the drama, coming off as the woman who owns her crimes and tries very hard for repentance, she is also taking a stand for Pari in front of everyone. She goes to see a government officer in order to find out about Taimoor so that he can safely take Pari away. Naheed also makes the effort of getting Pari’s father’s pension reinstated. Saboor Aly has performed brilliantly in this character!
Akku Hatches a Plot

Akku, along with the ‘chota’ of his shop plans to destroy Pari’s faltering ‘izzat’ once again. He plans to send a “rishta” to her house and then get the “rishta wala’s” to discredit her. This way everyone will be reminded of Pari’s ‘badnaami’ and Molvi Sahab would have to stop finding Pari’s “rishta”.

Will Akku succeed? Would Pari be forced to accept him as her only option for marriage? You will need to tune in next Wednesday to find out!

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