Mere Bewafa Episode 18 Review

Mere Bewafa, a drama by Sadia Jabbar Productions, airs every Wednesday at 8pm on APlus TV. Mere Bewafa is reaping enormous appreciation from drama lovers. The cast namely Shagufta Ejaz, Zhalay Sarhadi, Agha Ali and Sarah Khan is doing fine justice to the screenplay.

The recent episode starts with Shahmeer taking Mona to the hospital for delivery and also asks Azra to join them but Azra obviously doesn’t go with them. Although Azra was previously convinced somehow that she had to make compromise in this situation. But on the other hand, she feels jealous of how Shahmeer is taking care of Mona. She seems happy for the baby but Shahmeer’s affection and care towards Mona makes her uneasy.

This episode also shows that Shahmeer’s mom was not happy with this entire pregnancy thing but pretended to be happy just to make Azra feel jealous. However, no one understands what state Azra has been in during this phase.

We are shown that Azra vents her heart out to her neighbor “Khizar” who listens to all her insecurities and worries; he also notices Shahmeer’s behaviour towards Azra. And in state of rage, he tells Azra that he would kill him but Azra gets reluctant towards this idea. Meanwhile, Azra realizes that someone cares for her too. Khizar gives Azra tranquilizers so that she can sleep in peace.

The upcoming episodes are anticipated to be more interesting because it would be exciting to watch Azra’s reaction if Shahmeer completely leans towards Mona. For that, we will have to wait and watch what the upcoming episodes have in store for us. Don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday at 8pm on APlus TV to watch the most intriguing plot of Mere Bewafa!

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