Ghamand - Episode 1 Review

After giving us some tremendous projects like ‘Balu Mahi’, ‘Mera Naam hai Yousuf’ and ‘Khuda dekh raha hai’, Sadia Jabbar is back with a very different plot ‘Ghamand’ starring the versatile duo Noman Aijaz (Maqsood) and Sunita Marshall (Shaheena).

The first episode aired on June 29, 2018. The episode starts with Shaheena attending a friend’s wedding where she sees Maqsood who also happens to be her cousin. The duo is shown to be infatuated with each other but resists confessing. Shaheena is portrayed as a spoilt arrogant girl; daughter of a rich businessman. Sadaf Ahsan plays as Shaheena’s sister in law whose husband’s death occurs in an accident. On the other hand, Maqsood’s family is not financially stable whereas Maqsood also doesn’t work and daydreams about marrying a girl who will make him Seth Maqsood. The episode ends with Maqsood along with his mother arriving at Shaheena’s place for Shaheena’s proposal!

The plotline is strong and looks interesting with great acting skills by the entire cast. Let us see what this story brings to us in the upcoming episodes.

Written by: Saira Raza
Directed by: Asim Ali
Watch Full OST of Ghamand Here: 
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