Ghamand - Episode 3 Review

The much awaited Ghamand by Sadia Jabbar Productions aired its third episode on APlus TV and the story has taken a step forward. Ghamand’s stellar cast includes names like Nouman Ejaz and Sunita Marshal who are sizzling our screens with their chemistry after quite a long time.

The story proceeds with Maqsood and Shaheena’s wedding sequence with not-so-happy Abba Jee as he feels apprehensive because of Shaheena’s decision and being aware of Maqsood’s financial status and his idleness.  Some lovey-dovey moments between the newly wedded couple are shown although the story is portrayed as Maqsood is more interested in Shaheens’s possessions than Shaheena herself while Shaheena is head over heels and possessive for him.

This episode also entails that while the couple is spending some good time together, Shaheena suddenly feels pain in her abdomen which she swiftly ignores for the time being but later in one of the scenes her pain increases and she is immediately taken to the hospital. After going through some tests, the report reveals that Shaheena is having a cyst; the doctor suggests operating it but it might cost her, as Shaheena will never be able to conceive.The news is nothing less than a bomb for the family and Maqsood’s mother becomes very aggressive towards this news and does not agree for the operation while Maqsood seems to be confused about the situation.

Shaheena’s father takes the matter in his hand and asks the doctor to operate the cyst to save his beloved daughter’s life. Her family decides not to tell her but Maqsood’s mother in her aggression tells Shaheena everything about whatever happened and how she will never be able to have a baby! Shaheena gets totally dismayed by this news.

The recent episode of Ghamand shows some interesting twists and turns as Maqsood’s mother is now determined to make her son remarry to have an heir. Maqsood after being ignorant of Shaheena, finally decides to visit her but Abba Jee does not let him meet her and decides to end their relation.

The story is going in good pace with anticipation for viewers of what will come next and how Shaheena reacts when she will get to know her father’s decision.

Let’s wait for the next episode on Friday at 8p.m. on APlus TV to see how things will proceed.
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