Mera Khuda Janay - Review Episode 12

This was a rather pivotal episode of Mera Khuda Janay. What makes it so unique is that even though Iqra is the negative character of the drama, one still feels sympathy for her. Why? Because what has happened to her isn’t exactly fair either. First, she got jilted by her lifetime ‘mangaitar’, then she gets nikkahfied and the guy divorces her without a second thought. Now that her phuppo feels for her and gets her married to her old mangaitar again, he is being about as cruel as he can get.
What’s worse though is that at this point, we are able to feel sorry for everyone, be it Iqra, Roohi or Waleed. All are going through the bad decision making of adults and the emotional blackmailing of the same so called elders of the family.

Other than the repeated sob story of Roohi, frustration of Iqra and turmoil of Waleed, what was new in episode 12 was that Kulsoom asks Roohi for forgiveness, even though the entire situation is her fault! Shahana also becomes pregnant while her mother in law Razia continues to be as evil as can be, keeping her away from her husband and making the poor girl do all the household chores by getting rid of the house maid.

Roohi finally has labor pains towards the end of the episode and is taken to the hospital. The nurse informs them of how they’d only be able to save either the mother or the child and Kulsoom becomes distraught at the decision. What she says next though only goes to show how selfish she truly is, just like her niece Iqra. She tells the nurse to save the baby.

This is where the episode ends. The greatest thing about Mera Khuda Janay is that it is the drama that is pretty close to life. Acting by Hira Mani, Ali Abbas and Annum Fayyaz are equally brilliant.

Trailer of the next episode shows that Roohi may lose her ability to walk after delivering a baby girl. Would she able to walk again? Would Iqra take advantage of the situation and manipulate her way into Waleed’s life. Only next episode is going to let us find that out. So tune in to Geo TV next Wednesday at 8pm!

By Sehrish Qazi

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