Mera Khuda Janay - Review Episode 13

Today’s episode of Mera Khuda Janay showed a remarkable move in the shift of the drama. Not only are Waleed, Roohi and Kulsoom blessed with the most adorable addition to their family in the form of a baby girl, we also see that Iqra and her mother Razia finally gain the chance to set a trap for Waleed and Roohi.

This is the twist that we had all been waiting for. Iqra finds a way to become more of a wife to Waleed than would have been possible if all else was working right. Roohi is unable to move her lower body due to the surgery performed in order to save her and the baby. Razia teaches Iqra a few evil lessons on how she can get close to Waleed by gaining control over the newborn child as Roohi wouldn’t be able to take care of her daughter due to her partial paralysis.

On the other hand, Shafiq and Shahana are truly upset about Roohi’s condition and want to pass their condolences and support to her. Of course Razia being the wicked woman that she is; pulls their leashes back and forbids them to help out Roohi in any possible manner, not even by saying a few nice words to her.

Annum Fayyaz is playing the character of Iqra perfectly, as just the flick of her hair and the colors of her face are enough to show how she is constantly plotting against Roohi. Likewise, Rabia Noreen (Razia) is the perfect malicious mother who can do nothing but ruin others life, ultimately destroying the lives of those they love. 
Will Roohi regain strength in her lower body? Will Iqra succeed in stealing Waleed and her daughter away? Will Waleed start getting close to Iqra, despite his continued claims of not ever loving anyone more than Roohi? We will find out in the next episode on Wednesday, 8 pm only on Geo TV!

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