Mera Khuda Janay Review - Episode 14

 In this episode directors perfectly built up suspense for what is about to come. Roohi was and continues to be depressed about her condition and one can totally relate with her pain, first of not being able to walk on her own, and second for being separated from the child she had so yearned for.

What is rather sad to see though is that Roohi’s mother in law, Kulsoom states that she understands her pain of not being able to take care of her daughter herself, yet she persistently puts her in the difficult position of giving her daughter away to the step mom! I feel this is rather cruel as grandmother herself could have taken care of the granddaughter since she seems so concerned about her trauma.

Something new took place in the 14th episode of Mera Khuda Janay. Razia has finally started treating her daughter in law with some consideration and respect. This, we later discover is because she does not wish to be responsible for the upcoming birth and child, if something happens to her daughter in law. Well, at least Shaheena gets to visit with her mom and rest somewhat!

Waleed also becomes softer towards Iqra as she is the one taking care of his newborn daughter. The little girl has been named Takbeer by none other than Iqra and this is another blow for Roohi who feels her life, her husband and daughter included are spiraling away from her as she is bed ridden.

Will this pain continue for Roohi? Will Waleed finally start paying attention to Iqra? Will Takbeer become the gateway through which Iqra crashes in towards Roohi and Waleed’s love marriage? Tune in next Wednesday at 8p.m. on Geo TV to find out!

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