Mere Bewafa Episode 21- Review

Mere Bewafa by Sadia Jabbar Productions has been creating waves and aired its 21st episode on APlus TV. The stellar cast includes the very talented Agha Ali, Sarah Khan and Zhalay Sarhadi. Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Sakina Samoo, Mere Bewafa is a must-watch on every Wednesday.

The episode starts with forever confused Shahmeer who cannot understand his feelings for Azra! He is getting possessive due to the progressive relation between Azra and Khizar and keeps a check on Azra now; however he doesn't want to ruin his relation with Mona too. While Azra doesn't want to get back to Shahmeer, she rejoices meeting with Khizar because somehow it brings peace to her mind.

On the other hand, Shahmeer’s Mother is totally baffled by Shahmeer’s ignorant behaviour since his sister who had an argument with her husband came to their house for support and Shahmeer didn't take any stand for her. Later his mother blames Mona for his irrelevant behaviour and in a heated argument she slaps her too.

The serial right now is at a very complicated stage like anything can happen. The possessive behaviour of Shahmeer towards Azra can create trouble for him and Mona while Azra seems to develop likeness for Khizar as her only well-wisher.

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