Ghamand - Episode 2 Review 

The much awaited Ghamand aired its second episode on APlus TV and the story has taken a step forward. Directed by Asim Ali and produced by the maestro Sadia Jabbar with stellar cast having names like Nouman Ejaz and Sunita Marshal, Ghamand is all set to create a remarkable impact.

As the story advances with Maqsood’s mother trying hard to convey her son’s proposal through Shaheena’s Bhabi and her desperateness is camouflaged under her poise attitude. Since Shaheena belongs to affluent background and Maqsood’s financial status is a great mismatch so her father is shown reluctant to even give this proposal a second thought after he has utterly rejected it.

Soon after the family is offered help as they stand stranded on the road, Maqsood gets a chance to prove himself in the eyes of Seth Sajawal and returns accomplished. Seth Sajawal seems totally ignorant of the fact now that once he had low faith in the choice that has now finally been considered and the episode ends as Maqsood’s mother sells a profit bearing shop only to cater the expenditures for her son’s wedding.

The story exhibits a love that is about pride on one side and impurity on the other. Maqsood just wants an easy escape from the financial burdens that come with the wholesome package of life and Shaheena is swayed by his aura and is totally unable to assess facts properly.

Zoe Viccaji and Sohail Haider have nailed the subtle, soothing OST that only adds to the love-struck feeling Shaheena is experiencing.

Let’s wait for the next episode to see the wedding as it proceeds further!

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