Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka- Episode 4 Review

The much awaited drama serial Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka aired its fourth episode on HUM TV and the story has created some new twist and turns. The drama has already been on fast track since its first episode and a lot has already happened since the inception of this serial.
 The episode starts with Armaan’s Mother and Dania conversing about Sonia (Rucksar Naaz) and Zaryab’s rishta, later on Armaan joins them and when he gets to know about this he seems frustrated and argues with Dania that why she doesn’t do anything about this.

Dania is very disturbed and frustrated with this entire divorce thing and Armaan’s immature behavior. She visits one of her lawyer friend, tells him about the divorce, and when she shows him the divorce papers, he proclaims that Armaan did not really sign the papers and that they are not divorced.

Later when Armaan’s parents decide to send the newlywed couple for honeymoon as they have been noticing their impulsive behavior towards each other, Armaan gets on the verge of telling his parents about the status of their relationship but Dania interrupts and happily accepts the ticket.

Dania’s character depicts that all she wants is to make this relation better just for the sake of her father and the society. Dania also confronts Armaan that why he did not sign the papers if he really wanted to part their ways.

The couple decides to give this relationship a chance. A short encounter between Zaryab and Sonia shows that Zaryab does not know anything about their rishta.

 The story seems very interesting as on one side Armaan wants to stay with Dania but on the other hand, he wants his brother’s happiness too. Let us see what further episodes bring for us; will Armaan and Dania be able to survive in this suffocating relationship and will Zaryab accept Sonia as his life partner? To find out, we need to tune in on Saturday at 8pm only on HUM TV.

By Nimrah Khan

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