Main Khayal Hun Kisi Aur Ka - Review Episode 3

Harem Farooq and Ali Rehman are the reason why most people are watching this drama, period! The chemistry of this duo is incomparable and they are nailing their characters in Main Khayal Hun Kisi Aur Ka.

Today’s episode was no difference when it comes to brilliance in acting. Dania, after getting divorced the first night of her marriage by Armaan, has no idea how to deal with her emotions, Armaan’s insistence about telling the truth and the whole fiasco without hurting her loved ones. She states, very wisely mind you, that no one will realize that she is the victim, not the perpetrator of how things have unfolded. First Zaryab had the audacity to leave their years of love and togetherness and now Armaan decides that she must return to the same guy who jilted her (because he ‘thinks’ she wants to).

The episode’s significant thing was that Armaan signed the divorce deed too, along with the ‘talaq’ he bestowed on Dania. She begs him not to tell anyone as that would cause character assassination for her and would kill her father with grief. Oh the ‘zamany se darti hui aurat’. On the other hand, Zaryaab constantly refuses marriage prospects that his parents continue to push at him.

For now, the triangle is still there and it is pretty unclear about what will happen next. The one thing that bugs me most is, why did Rafia force this marriage in the first place when she knew that Dania and Zaryab were in love with each other? Is she avenging something that happened to her in the past? Only future episodes will reveal the true secret. Will Dania let the world discover that she is no longer in Armaan’s nikkah? Will Zaryab have the guts to take a stand now? Find out next Saturday at 8 pm, only on Hum TV. 

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