Visaal Episode 17 Review

The cat is finally out of the bag! This is the episode of Visaal that we had all been waiting for, the one where Akku shows his true colors to someone other than friend, to none other than Naheed. What does he say? He tells her that he wants Pari for himself, no matter what!

Naheed of course reacts exactly as we would expect her to. She is shocked to hear that he has the guts to not only want to marry Pari but has also been in love with her since the first time he saw her. What’s more, Akku married her ‘Pari k dhokay me’. We have finally reached to that point of the drama where things will now progress quickly, whether in Naheed and Pari’s favor or against is yet to be seen.

Start of the episode was pretty expected with the rishte wale refusing Pari because of her prior ‘affair’ with an officer. This leads to one of the strongest scenes we have seen in the drama so far; where Naheed explodes in anger at the rishte wali, throwing her out of the house in rage for causing Pari such sorrow once again.

We realize that her rage is not just simply because of her love for Pari but also due to her guilt at how she has ruined Pari’s life by destroying her character, a past that refuses to leave Pari! This is exactly the situation that has given Akku the chance to coerce Naheed into getting Pari married to him.

Will Naheed succumb to the pressure, as she is worried that her friend, parents and everyone else would despise her (as that is what Akku is threatening her with) after finding the truth? Will she hold on to her belief that Pari deserves happiness and true love, choosing to get defamed instead of throwing Pari’s life in misery once again? Will Akku finally win Pari over, by hook or by crook?

The next episode will release some answers to us, so be sure to tune in to ARY Digital.

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