And Here Comes The Second Last Episode Of “Mere Bewafa”!

Mere Bewafa has been a fascinating drama serial for drama fanatics under the banner of Sadia Jabbar Productions that airs on A plus TV. Sadia Jabbar Productions have always managed to conquer hearts with the quality content and stellar casts and Mere Bewafa is no exception.

The story is penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by veteran director Sakina Samo who has managed to gauge best performances from the glitzy cast of the drama especially the lead characters Azra played by Sarah Khan, Shahmeer played by Agha Ali and Mona played by Zhalay Sarhadi.

The story revolves around the betrayal faced by Azra, a loving faithful wife. Her husband Shahmeer marries her best friend Mona and replaces Azra from her bedroom to a store room. Azra’s in laws are typical manipulative people. Mona is a sharp girl whilst Shahmeer has got a weak character that can easily be influenced. Shagufta Aijaz played a typical role of a Pakistani Saas who can’t even tolerate a 7 year old kid.

Azra primarily couldn’t stand the whole situation and broke apart but then she decided to fight for her rights. She also lost her child because of Shahmeer and his mother, while Mona named her son on her sister in law’s son’s name. The story also unfolds the character of Khizar who lives in Azra’s neighbourhood and feels empathy for her.

The latest episode reveals that Azra asks Shahmeer to divorce her whilst Shahmeer doesn’t want to leave Azra, his mother also seeks apology from Azra as she was responsible for her only child’s death. Mona grieves about her loneliness and wishes Azra and Shahmeer for forever togetherness.

The drama has turned to be a treat to watch and making its viewers’ hearts melt with the catchy ending. The last episode will be the soul of the whole saga which we are badly anticipating for! Would you like Azra and Shahmeer together again? Stay tuned to watch the Last episode of Mere Bewafa next Wednesday at 8p.m. on APlus TV.

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