Ghamand - Episode 7 Review 

Every episode of Ghamand is more convincing and poignant than the other. This is certainly one of those dramas that get more interesting as the story progresses. It continues to engross viewers and bring them something to look forward to every week. Outstanding performances by its lead cast, Sunita Marshall, Noman Aijaz and now Minal Khan who has just joined the cast giving the drama a completely new dimension, is making Ghamand even more captivating. 

So, here is what happened in this week’s episode; Shaheena heads on to take the child from the servant along with her father but when they reach there, they find out that his wife gave birth to a boy instead of a girl. Seth Sajawal refuses to take the boy because he was anxious that there would be an issue of inheritance later but Shaheena does not want to go without the child so she adopts his daughter. As expected, no one accepts the poor child but Shaheena’s love and tenderness make Umm-e-Hani to adjust with her in no time.

However, Maqsood is now leaner towards his real daughter Chandni and gives her every necessity of which she was oblivious.

The drama then fast-forwarded to eight years later and there we see the talented Minal Khan who is playing the role of Shaheena’s daughter “Umm-e-Hani”, an innocent girl who is very dear to Shaheena. Everyone is still heedful towards her, while Hani too is not ignorant of this fact and maintains distance with everyone especially Maqsood.

Ghamand has managed to keep our interest in the drama by the outstanding performances of the entire cast and a catchy plot. Minal Khan’s entry is actually a cherry on top. Stay tuned and keep watching Ghamand every Friday at 8pm on Aplus TV.

By Nimrah Khan

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