Ghamand Episode 8 - Review 

Ghamand is one of those dramas that behold audiences’ interest through new twists and turns with every new episode. The star cast includes the very charming Sunita Marshall and the handsome Noman Ijaz in lead roles.

In this episode, Hani asks Shaheena not to force her to call Maqsood her father because of the adamant cold behavior of Maqsood towards her. The most twisting part of the episode is when Shaheena takes a decision of transferring her property (the textile factory) to her daughter Hani's name; this really bothered Maqsood because he always wanted to take charge of that factory.

Later, Maqsood visits his daughter, Chandi, who asks her father to fulfill his promise as she has scored 96% in her exam but he refuses. Meanwhile, Hani visits the factory where she inquires about workers’ pay and why they are not paid exactly what they deserve. Hani discusses it with Shaheena which spoils Maqsood’s mood and causes some misunderstanding between Shaheena and Maqsood.

Things get even more interesting when Mumtaz plans for Aizaz and Umm-e-Hani's wedding; her family first refuses but later on they agree to it. She does it all so Shaheena’s property which is now Hani’s remain in their family.

The drama has become really intriguing with major twists in Hani’s life. To find out, what happens next, keep watching Ghamand every Friday at 8pm on APlus TV.

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