Ghamand - Episode 9 Review

Ghamand is one of those dramas that never fail to amaze its viewers, an interesting plot laced with intriguing twists and turns; the amazing performances by versatile actors like Noman Aijaz, Sunita Marshall and Minal Khan make it even more interesting.

Some major development happened in this week’s episode, Maqsood’s mother and rest of the family except Maqsood behaved courteously with Hani due to their malicious plan of marrying her with Aizaz so Hani’s possession will remain in their family. Later, when she discussed this with Shaheena, she disagreed because she wants Hani and Haroon to be married.

After the buzzing romance of Maqsood and Shaheena previously, history is repeating itself with Hani and Haroon as both have confessed their feelings for each other. However, Haroon’s mother did not agree for this when Haroon told his mother about his feelings for Hani. Over the episodes, we have seen Shaheena’s attitude towards everyone has become more dominating especially after the death of her father but on the contrary, she is even more sensitive for Hani.

On the other hand Chandni told her father that she would be soon working in a film as her mother is forcing her to do so and she had received many offers from renowned directors.

What will happen next is the biggest question. For now, we’re left hanging on an edge. Will Haroon and Hani be able to turn fate in their favor? How Maqsood will react when he will see Chandni doing what her mother did? A lot more is going to happen, so keep watching Ghamand every Friday at 8pm on Aplus TV.

By Nimrah Khan

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