Mera Khuda Janay - Episode 17 Review

This week’s episode is yet another interesting episode of Mera Khuda Janay. Major twists and turns have become part and parcel of every episode and the story is so captivating that it will hook you till its end.

So in this week's episode, Roohi after regaining her power to walk is back to normal but still she is disturbed with Iqra’s vicious deeds, also she can sense that Waleed is getting more interested in Iqra. When she asks Iqra not to come in between her and Waleed, Iqra feels distressed and gets envious of Roohi. To take revenge, she makes unhealthy food for Roohi’s daughter. After Roohi feeds the child, the poor kid feels sick and in his rage Waleed takes her daughter away from Roohi and gives to Iqra.

Iqra on the other hand, has been taking care of Waleed’s daughter while also managing the entire household, her expectations of reward to get Waleed’s attention and love is not wrong but how she is making others suffer isn't right either.

Waleed seems like the one who claims to love Roohi most and is also concerned about her health, but still he is unable to hide his feelings for Iqra now. The episode ends when Roohi slaps Iqra for taking away her child and the only love of her life from her. There, Waleed sees what Roohi did to Iqra and Iqra as usual played innocent but this seems to be another barrier between Waleed and Roohi now.

Mera Khuda Janay has been successful to behold our interest in this drama. The serial has everything that viewers have been yearning for. Don’t forget to watch the next episode on Wednesday at 8p.m. on Geo TV!

By Nimrah Khan

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