Mera Khuda Janay Review - Episode 15

It is clear now that a rapid shift is taking place in Mera Khuda Janay. Episode 15 showed a transition in characters, their viewpoints as well as feelings. Iqra is finally getting what she has always wanted, love and care from Waleed. This is because she has been taking care of his daughter Takbeer, day in, day out, and Kulsoom of course wastes not a single minute in reminding him of how she is becoming the mother Roohi should have been. Therefore, Waleed is bound by gratefulness.

Roohi too is perceptive to this coming change. She hates the fact that she isn’t able to care for her daughter herself and hates it even more that Iqra gets to do it. Even when she tries to take care of Takbeer, her mother in law, Kulsoom doesn’t allow her, making excuses as to how Roohi is incapable because of her disability. Waleed agrees to the scenario and hence Takbeer is now being raised by Iqra instead of her real mother.

When Roohi tries to voice her insecurities and fears, she is shut down by both Kulsoom and Waleed. The pain of the poor mother is very apparent and Hira Mani is doing a brilliant job in showing the jealousy, helplessness and despair of a mother who is unable to have the daughter she so desperately wanted. Annum Fayyaz is similarly excellent as Iqra and continues to hide her evil intentions behind the cover of a concerned wife.

Will she finally take Roohi’s place? Will Roohi lose Waleed’s love and her mother in law’s affection? The next episode may reveal some answers to us. Be sure to tune in to Geo TV same time, same day!

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