Mera Khuda Janay - Review Episode 18 

Mera Khuda Janay has picked up pace again, just as we like it. Things happened pretty swiftly in this episode and all the main characters received equal lime light. The episode started with Iqra creating just the right kind of rift between Roohi and Waleed. This became pretty much the epitome of the show today.

The love Waleed had for Roohi is fast shifting towards Iqra. Interestingly enough it is not simply Iqra’s cunning that is leading to his change of attitude but rather Roohi’s loss of control over her own emotions. She is desperately trying to win Waleed over and in the process only further aggravating the situation. This of course is exactly what Iqra needs in order to get Waleed on her side.

Shafeeq and Shahana are blessed with a baby boy and this gives Iqra even more time to spend in Waleed’s company. But this is perhaps not the worst thing happening. Kulsoom and Waleed refuse to let Roohi handle her own daughter Takbeer. They continue to feel she is incapable of handling a baby. One thing that is established in this epiosde is the selfishness of Kulsoom. The only person she seems to care about is herself.

Roohi’s brother comes to take her with him, along with Takbeer. But it is the interference of Kulsoom and Waleed and the threat of divorce that stops Roohi from taking any stand for herself. Even though she is constantly suffering at the hands of her husband and mother in law, she still cares about them and cannot bear to leave her house. One good thing that comes out of the situation is that Roohi gets to have her child back as Kulsoom pressurizes Iqra to let Takbeer go, so that Roohi doesn’t consider divorce and take the child with her.

The episode ended with Iqra getting closer to Waleed and Roohi getting further away. Will he divorce her out of pent up frustration? Will Roohi lose the husband and child she loves so much? Will Iqra through sheer treachery take over Roohi’s place? Find out next week on Geo TV on Wednesday at 8p.m.

By Sehrish Qazi

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