Visaal - Episode 19 Review

Visaal aired its 19th episode and with this episode, the story has created much needed twist which is now going to change the dynamics of the story. The pace of the story is going perfect so far and the captivating twists and turns have been successful in beholding viewer’s interest.

The episode starts with Naheed trying to send letter to Taimoor through Bua to overcast Akram’s vicious plan but little did she know that Akram is keeping an eye on her every moment. Later Akram calls everyone at Maulvi Sahab’s place to disrepute Naheed by taking advantage of her fear and silence and articulates everything in front of everyone that Naheed wants him to marry Pari. This came as a silent warning for Naheed that she must keep the conversation that happened between her and Akram a secret otherwise, he would tell everyone what she has done and he would leave her too.

Everyone gets stunned after hearing Akram’s statement and Naheed’s parents feel completely devastated and helpless. Her mother makes her mind up that she will ask Pari to leave their house because this is the only way she can save Naheed’s marriage. Bua tries to convince her but she doesn’t listen.

Earlier, Akram portrayed himself as someone who belongs to well reputed family from Multan but at the end of the episode Molvi Sahab finally finds out the truth about Akram.

Now let us see if this revelation will save Pari and Naheed from Akram. Will Akram be able to marry Pari anyway? To find out, what happens next, don’t forget to watch Visaal next Saturday at 9p.m. on ARY Digital.

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