From Love Marriage to Divorce, Khafa Khafa Zindagi Highlights How Misunderstandings Destroy Relationships
After the amazing teasers, drama lovers were desperately waiting for Khafa Khafa Zindagi, a saga by Sadia Jabbar Productions. The production house never disappoints and the first episode of the new drama was a literal proof of that! Directed by the finest director Asim Ali and written by the very talented Kifayat Rodani, the drama Khafa Khafa Zindagi was a treat to watch.

The proficient actor Ali Safina as Bilal and Sumbul Iqbal, the gorgeous diva as Sara had a love marriage and thought everything will remain smooth and fine. Of course, they were married against the will of their parents. Sara was shown as a mother of two kids. After some years of marriage, they started facing financial issues and Bilal became powerless against the family’s expenditures. They both started quarreling over this, not caring about their children.

After getting fed up of all this one night, Sara said that she wanted divorce and Bilal was in fact, worried. He didn’t want a divorce but she kept forcing him. This is where we were glued to the screens hoping something really breathtaking but they just… slept… Oh well! The very next day, Bilal asked her for tea like nothing had happened last night because he wanted everything settled but Sara again triggered him with the divorce thing.

After arguing for a while, Bilal loses his vulnerability and deployed two conditions; One, he will keep the kids and two, she will not file custody of their children or else he won’t divorce. Qazi explained that the proper way to divorce is to divorce three times with a period of 40 days between each. The screen blacks out after Bilal files the first divorce leaving us ceased for a while.

This drama wasn’t just a failed love story but a very powerful message to our society. We must say, the crew did a wonderful job casting Ali and Sumbul. The intensity of their expressions and dialogue delivery felt like it’s the real life. Thanks to Sadia Jabbar Productions for producing such a masterpiece with a totally different plot. The plot is different because the drama industry of Pakistan has not done a lot of work on it. Our excitement doesn’t let us wait for the next episode. What do YOU think will happen next? Will Bilal stop on his way to divorce? Will Sara decide to support Bilal in this crisis? Will we witness reconcicliation between the couple? How will the kids survive? Do share your thoughts with us and don't forget to tune in to A-Plus entertainment every Wednesday at 8p.m. to watch one of the finest dramas as yet.

By Asbah Umais

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