Mere Bewafa Comes To an End: Last Episode Review

The beautiful story that has managed to grasp the hearts of many and certainly topped the charts, Mere Bewafa, was the best option for drama aficionados amongst those aired on Wednesday. Directed by Sakina Samo, penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and having astral cast like Sarah Khan, Agha Ali, Shagufta Ejaz and Zhalay Sarhadi, the drama just got us all wonderstruck.

Mere Bewafa deals with the story of a loving and faithful wife, Azra (Sarah Khan), betrayed by her husband, Shahmeer (Agha Ali), as he married her best friend, Mona (Zhalay Sarhadi).

We have just watched the last episode of this beautiful saga that caught attention right from its inception. Azra’s patience was tested while Mona played her cards to ruin her best friend's relationship with her husband. The last episode summed up everything; Shahmeer’s ignorance to Azra, the natural system of revenge and punishment for her mother-in-law’s bad attitude and the forever longing for Khizar as the resultant of his selfless love for Azra.

The last episode opened up with the Shahmeer’s mother fretfully listening to the plea of her daughters and the youngest one accusing her for everything that is happening with the family. Hina decides to retreat and aspires to realize the worth of relations and hands back jewelry to Azra. The family sits to solve the matter of Khula/divorce asked by Azra and Shahmeer seems quite too helpless to let go of her. Abida, after her life has been ruined, supports her sisters-in-law and Muskan and Azra, like the last episode showed us, grow on strong bonding. Muskan tells her husband about Khizar and again, Azra refuses the idea of remarrying Khizar once and for all.

Shahmeer’s son dies giving the lesson of lifetime to the parents and grandmother. Mona closes the chapter of Shahmeer from her life, regretting over her past mistakes and fallacies of her fate and goes away helping Azra and Shahmeer unite for life!

Mere Bewafa had been a treat for considerate minds and now let’s see if the future would hold for us the same level of viewers’ admiration on Wednesday by Aplus TV!

By Sarah Imtiaz
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