Mere Bewafa Episode 22 – Review

The most intriguing drama Mere Bewafa aired its 22nd episode, with the amazing cast of Agha Ali, Sara Khan and Zhalay Sarhadi. The play is written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and the wonderful direction is done by the very talented Sakina Samo. 

As the drama is leading towards its completion, things are getting better and in the favor of Azra. The relation between Azra and Khizar seems to be progressing. In this episode, Khizar subtly proposes Azra that she swiftly denies, and reveals that she still is and will always be Shahmeer’s. On the other side, Shahmeer’s family is falling apart; both of his sisters are facing issues with their marriages due to their inadequate tactics.

Finally, realization dawns upon Shahmeer that he was unjust and unfair towards Azra and she has indeed suffered a lot. While Azra holds Saad, Mona furiously takes him away from her and blames her that she is hurting Saad but Shahmeer doesn’t believe that and also asks Mona to change her perception about Azra.

The ending of the episode has left us perplexed! Azra suffers from high fever and in a state of complete drowsiness she mistakenly dials Khizar’s number instead of Shahmeer’s and asks him for medicines. This makes Khizar presume that she is also interested in him but for now, we cannot say anything because of Shahmeer’s considerate behavior towards Azra.

To know what happens next, we have to wait for a week and tune in to APlus TV on Wednesday at 8pm.

By Nimrah Khan

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