Ghamand has been making waves since its inception; a production of the renowned Sadia Jabbar Productions. The drama creators have come up with an extremely talented group of actors who have exceptional skills when it comes to deliverance. The cast includes Noman Aijaz, Sunita Marshall and Minal Khan in lead roles.

In this episode, the story proceeds as Maqsood’s truth revealed by the surprising visit of Chandni at his house. In the entire episode, Shaheena expressed her hatred and aggression towards him, also she disowned him from all the possessions and luxuries. She has been portraying herself strong but still she is shattered because she is deceived by someone who she loved more than anything.

Meanwhile, Hani is in the same situation as Shaheena; she too is heartbroken by Haroon as his mother is against their relationship. Haroon on the other hand, is still trying to convince his mother for her but now things have come to the point where even Shaheena doesn’t want this relation to progress because of the insult she faced by Haroon’s mother.

Will Haroon and Hani be able to get married? Will Shaheena in her rage leave Maqsood? There is still more to come in Ghamand that will keep you hooked till its end. If you’ve not watched the show yet, you are really missing something big! Tune in on every Friday at 8p.m. on Aplus TV to watch the most intriguing drama serial “Ghamand.”
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