The viewers were relieved of their curiosity this Friday when another exciting episode of Ghamand was aired on APlus TV. As the story unfolds, the plot is becoming more intriguing, intense and heart-rending.q

The episode opens with Maqsood, his sister and mother having lunch where they start bashing Chandni for being a Tawaif´s daughter and leave her in tears. Maqsood´s mother declares her plan of getting her son remarried and takes along Rashida for the rishta-seeking drill. While returning, they encounter Shaheena who overhears their discussion about remarrying Maqsood. The scene becomes intense when Rashida claims that they´re not going to back off, leaving Shaheena shattered.

In the interim, Umm-e-Hani and Chandni stand on the terrace sharing sweet nothings and lifting each other up. The serenity of the episode is washed away by the enthralling sequence where Chandni´s mother comes up and tries to t2ake Chandni forcefully, claiming that she has been married to Fayaz, who is actually a pawn. Taking Chandni´s denial into consideration, Maqsood claims that his daughter is in his own custody now and he will not let her go anywhere. However, Shaheena saves the day, asks Zamarud to stay away, and takes Chandni inside. *phew*

Maqsood´s family laments on Zamarud´s attempt while Chandni thanks Shaheena for saving her. Haroon´s mother agrees to get him married to Haani, However, Shaheena turns down their proposal on which both the love birds are deeply sorrowed. Their frowns are replaced with smiles when Shaheena secretly tells the two of her agreement but asks Haroon to hide it from his mother. Meanwhile, Zamarud cunningly plots a conspiracy against Maqsood and asks him for money in return for not trying to get Chandni backHow clever!

While Maqsood fails in his attempt to lure Shaheena into giving him money, his daughter reassures that she loves him and wants to stay with him. What will be Chandni´s fate? Will Shaheena eventually fall for a daughter´s will to stay with her father? Will Zamarud succeed in her intrigue? Will Hani and Haroon get married? The curiosity is building up, only to enthrall us with yet another exciting episode. Stay tuned!

By Asbah Umais

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