Mera Khuda Janay – Episode 21 Review

Mera Khuda Janay is one of the most captivating dramas of the 7th Sky Entertainment. The epic direction by Zeeshan Ahmed keeps the emotions alive; and the known writer Samina Ejaz has once again done a wonderful job.

We saw the dispute between Waleed and Roohi on not giving birth to another child. The situation got really tensed. Iqra asked her about the dispute and said that Waleed could also fight with her for the same reason. Shafeeq, with Waleed’s anger and rage mode on, didn’t want Roohi to speak out in front of Waleed as it would be no less than a disaster. In the next frame, Iqra told her mother about Waleed’s quarrel with Roohi. Her mother told her to come home with Shafeeq and that she would take care of him.

Waleed’s temperament was rushing towards chaos. He told Roohi to keep Takbeer’s things away from him and also talked disrespectfully with Iqra. Right after, Shafeeq came and talked to Roohi about keeping things controlled; he said that he would talk to Waleed about it and asked her not to reveal the truth. Shafeeq finally met Waleed and comprehended him to bury the shameful topic and live a happy life.

The story took a turn when Takbeer got seriously sick and was in need for blood. The intensity of the scene made us think that Waleed´s fatherhood must have awakened by now and he would now exhibit better behavior towards Takbeer, but at the very moment, he left the hospital saying that he’s not her father and that he doesn’t even care.

Roohi told Iqra about Takbeer’s severe condition and that she didn’t have any money, so she asked Shafeeq to help Roohi. While we watched in anticipation, Roohi was rushing here and there for medicines in exchange of a request and while running back to Takbeer, she got hit by a Rickshaw and fainted. Tragically when she woke up in the hospital, she didn’t have the medicines bag with her. How very unfortunate!

Waleed has mixed feelings of anger and depression on being declared unfertilized; deriving that Takbeer was not his daughter. The feeling was killing him and why not? A lot of incidences in the episode got us like “What?? Why is this happening?” The suspense at the end with Roohi dropping the medicines bag, made us question ourselves what she would do now to save her child. What do you think? Will Waleed divorce Roohi or will he do what Shafeeq said? Will he completely disown Takbeer? Let us know how you think the story will unfold in the upcoming episodes.

By Asbah Umais

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