Mera Khuda Janay Episode-22 review

One of the most engrossing dramas of this season is Mera Khuda Janay that is produced by the ace producers Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment. Written by Samina Ejaz, the story is really gripping and has a unique plot that makes Mera Khuda Janay a must watch every Wednesday.
The latest episode starts with the curious mind sets of Shafeeq and Iqra, discussing about Roohi and Waleed's careless attitude towards leaving Takbeer unaccompanied in the hospital. Later on Shafeeq and Roohi caught up into a heated argument concerning Takbeer’s illness and when Shafeeq said that he was the real father of Takbeer, Roohi got really enraged.
On the other side, Iqra tries to convince and explain Waleed on behalf of Takbeer and Roohi.
It was next shown that Waleed was accusing Roohi in a conversation with Shafeeq confessing his willingness regarding divorce; Shafeeq took him for lunch and tried to protect himself by calming Waleed and advising him to keep patience.
The next day, as Iqra leaves for Bhawalpur, vulnerable Roohi deals with her daughter as well as with Waleed in a huge shouting match, taking a very strong stand for Takbeer and stating how her life is ruined.
Troubled Shafeeq overruled Waleed while shielding his own life and playing a very safe game by manipulating Waleed to not make an issue of this tragedy as it will uncover his secret of medical issues.
At the end of the episode tensed Shafeeq started hallucinating his wife as accusing him for the unrevealed secret of his life.
Can't wait to watch how the story uncovers itself. Don't forget to watch Mera Khuda Janay’s upcoming episode on forthcoming Wednesday at 8 pm on Geo TV.

By Aleena Khan

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