Another fantastic episode of the most awaited drama serial Ghamand, a marvelous production by Sadia Jabbar, hit the screens last night. In almost every episode, the viewers have witnessed astonishing twists and turns, keeping them glued to the screens. Sadia Jabbar Productions definitely has the acumen to catch the attention of the viewers. From a high headed and egoistic Shaheena to the innocent and bashful Umme Hani, all the characters elicit the emotions out of us.

The episode starts with the aggression of Shaheena on her father’s burning factory. She is obsessed of her wealth and doesn’t count the values of humanity. In this episode, the story proceeds as Shaheena believed she could carve the future of her innocent daughter Umme Hani instead she faced defeat and failures. She was confident enough to take her daughter's proposal to Haroon’s Mom and expected a YES! Well, that doesn’t usually happen but as you know Shaheena, she can be unpredictable sometimes.

Any way the story moves on to the most unconventional twist of this episode, a surprise visit by Maqsood’s daughter Chandi. A hidden truth revealed on Shaheena as she gazed upon a young girl embracing Maqsood, claiming him to be her father. Boy, the looks on Shaheena’s face while she expressed her hatred and aggression were spot on! The scene was so intense and the depiction felt so real. Bravo to the team! Anyhow, being deceived and heartbroken Shaheena could do no more than throwing stuff on the ground. No wonder she was shocked!

Meanwhile Chandi, another eye catching personality stole our hearts away. Umme Hani and Chandi, being similar in life situations, came closer. Kind hearted Umme Hani offers her comfort and shares her bedroom with Chandi, which she later regrets as her mother hatefully condemns her act.

Both rough and smooth characters fill this Drama and make it super hit! We have our fingers crossed for what eventuates in the next blasting episode. Whether Haroon gets his Mom convinced for Umme Hani’s proposal or Umme Hani keeps being frightened for what her future brings her. Whether Shaheena gets over her aggression or her devastating decisions ruin Maqsood’s lifestyle. Let’s see what Sadia Jabbar Productions has more to astonish us in the upcoming episode of Ghamand. That's all folks!

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