Khafa Khafa Zindagi: Is Sara making a huge mistake?

Another astounding and awaited episode of Saadia Jabbar Production’s great triumph “Khafa Khafa Zindagi” shook the souls last night. Hats off to the production crew and amazing cast that made this episode more spectacular.  The real sensations spread out when Sara leaves her house and children unwillingly and persuasively. Despite the fact that she adored her children, she chooses to leave the house.

The opening plot of the episode deluges the eyes with sentiments when Gulzar criticizes the wastage of his heart loved photograph of Sara and Bilal. Poor kids, they don’t know what they are about to face. Sara promises to leave Bilal and children by the time they sleep. Gulzar and Sara play their hearts out before Gulzar falls asleep. That’s when the heart breaking moment arrives when Sara steps out of the house. With tears in eyes she reaches her parents’ place where real drama begins making the viewer go like, “What…?”

Sara’s mother startlingly shows contentment on Sarah’s decision; congratulates her on a right decision. Was it really? How cruel of her! Although Sara’s Dad didn’t support her decision, he wasn’t allowed to argue much to convince her for a reconsideration. Sarah’s mother appears to be the culprit in Sara’s blissful life as it’s pretty obvious what’s going on. As for Sara, she had to be a little bit personal for what she wanted in life. Putting ears to every Tom, Dick, and Harry but your own heart, makes the situations worse sometimes, don’t you think?

On the other side Bilal dreams of Sara approaching back to him with a compromising attitude but alas! It was just a dream. The reality was much worse as he started the day without Sara. He was in a panic situation handling the kids and making breakfast for them. Somehow he manages but still faces utmost troubles. Obviously it was his first time without his wife. Conversely his troublesome day gets saved by Afroz, Sara’s younger sister who secretly visits Bilal and kids. Bilal requests her to take care of children for him, she agrees. But what about the rest of the upcoming days? How is he planning to handle the children all by himself? Sara believes that she deserves custody of children but who knows what the story brings. It’s all up to the marvelous production team. How long can Sara stay without her children? Is she is making a mistake? Well we’re anxiously waiting for the next episode to find out what Khafa Khafa Zindagi has in store for us! Don’t forget to tune in next Wednesday at 8p.m. on APlus TV!

By Asbah Umais

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