Mera Khuda Janay is a drama that bagged massive following just after its launch and has become one of the most watched dramas these days. The story is getting more intriguing and unpredictable with every episode.

This episode turns out a stellar. Sajid, Roohi’s brother came to Pakistan just to meet Roohi and her niece Takbeer, just for a day. Due to his misbehavior shown in previous episode, Waleed denied to meet him when Waleed’s mother informed him about his arrival. She insisted Waleed to leave him satisfied from her sister's side and meet him nicely. Sajid apologized to Waleed and his mother but Waleed’s behavior didn’t change.

Later in the episode, Waleed took Iqra out for dinner and promised to keep her happy. He assured her that he would start a new life with her and try to overcome all her complaints. He gifted her beautiful bangles but Iqra refused the gift by expressing her thoughts that Roohi would always be his priority. On the contrary, Waleed confessed his love for her and how she holds a special place in his heart. However, Roohi was at home waiting for her husband but when she saw him with Iqra, she got really upset.

The next day Roohi complained about his attitude towards her but his rudeness made her emotional as he said that she was just Takbeer’s mother for him.

The episode was then fast forwarded to six months later where we were shown that Waleed’s Mother passed away, Takbeer brought flowers for her grandmother after school and kept in front of her photo waiting for her to come back. Later, she went to shopping with Roohi and Waleed to buy a princess dress where she got misplaced, Waleed scolded Roohi for her carelessness towards Takbeer. The episode ended with Waleed saying to her that he would kill her if Takbeer wasn’t found.

We can’t wait to watch how the story unfolds further. Don’t forget to watch Mera Khuda Janay next Wednesday at 8p.m. on Geo TV!

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