The Story Went Just the Way Nigar Wanted It to Go

We witnessed the sharp turn in the last episode when Saba left just before the nikkah, leaving behind every person astounded. BUT! Isn’t it in the favor of Nigar?

Zeba, the innocent soul, was in shock of everything that happened when Zafar Sahab along with Junaid entered the room with emphasis on divorce. She tried to clear herself out but gave up in the end as Juniad wasn’t even trying to listen to the truth. He divorced her and left. We literally expected a “Mubarak ho Zafar Sahab” from Zeba but she was speechless and stunned.

On the other hand, Taimoor casted his anger on Nigar when she tried to talk to him and said that he would not ever forget this insult.

Nigar’s brother, Junaid burst into tears when he saw dead Zeba in bathroom. In the hospital, the doctor said that her brain veins blasted because of stress. In the next frame, Taimoor freaked out on his mother on saying bad things about Saba and said that he would never marry anyone else.

It seemed like Junaid was getting to know about the truth a bit. Junaid got back home drunk and crazy with a gun. This habit of drinking and air firing compelled the neighbors to complain Zafar Sahab. He advised Junaid to get married to Taimoor’s sister, Batool and he finally agreed. However, Taimoor’s blood pressure problem made his mother guided him to get married to someone who loves him. And to his surprise, she took Nigar’s name.

Taimoor clearly declared that he would not marry anyone in the future but Zafar Sahab is up to some watta satta thing. Junaid agreed to marry Batool but Taimoor doesn’t seem like an easy guy. We all know how much hatred he has for Nigar’s family. What do you think he’ll do?

To know how the story unfolds further, don’t forget to watch the next episode on Monday at 8p.m. on ARY Digital.

By Asbah Umais

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