Balaa Episode 15-16 ReviewBatool’s Weakpoint Is in Nigar’s Hands Now!

The drama is intensifying with every passing episode and getting a bit uncomfortable for us too, as we are too keen to know what happens next. We so pray to God to save us from Nigar-like people, I mean... why is she doing all this? To get to Taimoor’s side? Well, we guess Taimoor gives her enough time a husband should. Maybe she wants more from him. Anyhow, a big round of applause for the entire crew and cast of the amazing drama for successfully pulling off an enthralling work of art.
Taimoor’s in-laws came to his place for breakfast and most importantly, Batool’s rishta. Taimoor was being an angry bird knowing that Batool was late from the university and scolded her real bad. Everyone heard Taimoor’s loud shouting, especially Nigar. She doubted that Batool was up to something inappropriate. Later that day, she overheard Saleha and Batool talking about the guy Batool was seeing, converting her doubt into truth. *evil laugh from Nigar*
Before leaving for work the next day, Taimoor handed over the monthly expenditures to everyone, as per the practice. When the maid came to clean up Shama aunty’s room, Nigar asked her to clean her room instead. While the maid was cleaning Nigar´s room, Nigar sneaked into Shama aunty´s room and took the money. On being asked who did that, Nigar fake assumed that she has been called chor, and creating the usual drama that she does, called Zafar Sahab to take her back home.
Nigar laid her anger on her alcoholic brother Junaid and threw glasses and plates across the dining room. Taimoor, on the other hand, didn’t quite seem like he was sad or worried for Nigar, nothing at all. BUT, he was worried for her mother because she was concerned about the money. Also, Batool told the doctor she has been seeing to send rishta as soon as possible. Batool’s war is between pasand ki shaadi and zabardasti ki shaadi now. But what about Taimoor? Will he sort things out with Nigaar and get her back home? Or maybe Nigaar has some other conspiracy planned? What do you think will happen next? Pour in your ideas folks!

By Asbah Umais                                                                                                                                                              

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