Balaa - Episode 11 & 12 Review

Balaa is the super hit drama serial of Big Bang Productions, directed by Badar Mahmood, penned by Zanjabeel Asim Shah, and airs every Monday at 8:00 PM on ARY Digital.
So the story of Balaa took forward by this set of episodes and finally Nigar got married to Taimoor. Taimoor at the start of his relationship with Nigar, made everything clear to her that his family means a lot to him and he will never ever leave them. Niigar gets disappointed by this and started relying on lies to drift his family apart.
As always Taimoor’s mother, Shama couldn’t understand Nigar’s evilness, as she plots to tear the family apart by pretending to be na├»ve and creating false stories in front of Taimoor’s mother. But due to her simple and forgiving nature, Shama feels bad for her own self and guilty.
Zafar also insulted Shama in front of everyone as she told Zafar about Batool’s refusal for Junaid in hidden words. We wish Shama could have sensed Nigar and Zafar’s real intentions as she has spent a life span with Zafar and Nigar, which is enough to know how cunning they both are. She knows pretty well that Batool doesn’t want to accept Junaid’s proposal but still she is afraid to refuse openly in front of Zafar.
Nigar on the other hand made Taimoor feel like she genuinely cares for his family and Taimoor believes her instead of being well aware of the mind-set of Nigar before their marriage. Nigar intelligently made issues over petty things like when Shama asked her for breakfast, she manipulated things against her. Nigar surely knows how to play her cards.
Junaid has pretty much lost his all senses, the fact that he has gone through a lot in his life and it is not easy to overcome. His situation has not changed since four set of episodes and all we have seen is him drinking, creating chaos and do absurd things.
The drama has been garnering rave reviews and the story is getting more exciting. Nigar has been planning and doing things so smoothly to ruin everyone’s lives and so no one is able to judge her real intentions.
Let’s see how things roll out in next set of episodes. Are you following this amazing saga?

By Hina Ghaffar

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