Ghamand - Episode 17 Review

Ghamand is a block buster serial that airs every Friday at 8:00 pm on A-Plus TV. The drama is penned by Saira Raza, directed by the sought after director Asim Ali, and produced under the banner of Sadia Jabbar Productions.

The drama has all the ingredients one great drama should have; yes, stellar cast, unique story, and the best direction and production. The much acclaimed couple, Noman Ijaz and Sunita Marshall, is playing lead roles with Minal Khan in a supporting role.

So the story has many twists and turns that viewers have to stick to TV screens when the drama is on air. The main lead Shaheena is an arrogant woman because of her accumulated wealth and she uses everyone for her benefit, even her adopted child who she loves a lot but ruins her life too for the sake of her benefit.

The latest episode of Ghamand reveals that Haroon is admitted in the hospital and asks for Hani when comes back to consciousness. His mother told him that Hani hasn’t come and neither she wants to keep her relationship with you. Haroon gets shocked and doubts this!

Hani is very disturbed because of Shaheena’s will for Hani to get married to Maqsood (her husband). Hani doesn’t want this to happen and calls Haroon for the sake of help but Haroon in his delusion and complete disbelief, doesn't listen to her. Shaheena comes to her at that moment and tells her that Haroon was never loyal to her and that she is the only person in the world who cares for her and loves her.

Maqsood is not ready for this relationship too but when Maqsood’s mother and sister ask him to finalize the girl for marriage, Shaheena instantly intervenes and asks them what if Maqsood gets married to Hani as she loves both of them and don’t want any of them to stay away from her. Maqsood’s mother and sister after initial shock get trapped in Shaheena’s plan and persuade Maqsood to get married to Hani.

Chandni came to Hani when she was crying at her misfortune, but couldn’t tell anything to her except asking for poison. Chandni is unaware of all this when suddenly maid comes with a fancy dress and asks Hani to get ready. Chandni gets shocked when Shaheena comes in after the maid and asks Chandni to leave the room as Hani and Maqsood’s nikkah is going to happen soon.

Hani refuses for this Nikkah and asks Shaheena to let her go to her real parents but Shaheena forces her and finally Hani says yes to marry Maqsood. Maqsood gets to know at night that Hani wasn’t ready and Shaheena forced her for this marriage. He asks Hani to stay quiet and consoles her telling that soon all will be well.

Shaheena’s real motive behind this marriage is to keep Hani under her control as no other girl could do this for her. Shaheena always told Hani about how she has brought her up and loves her. The drama is garnering some rave reviews and catering to an unusual taboo topic. Sunita Marshal is doing absolute justice to the role and deserves a bow for such brilliant acting skills. How do you like the latest episode of Ghamand, please share your reviews. 
By Hina Ghaffar
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