Khafa Khafa Zindagi - Episode 5 Review

Sadia Jabbar Productions has been coming up with great productions in the past few years and Khafa Khafa Zindagi is a testimony to this. The play cast is impressive with Ali Safina and Sumbul Khan in the lead roles and Sohail Asghar and Shagufta Ejaz are proficient in their senior roles.
Episode 5 aired recently and has the viewers glued to the outcome possibilities that the play can unfold. The story began with the aftereffects of a romantic union against the Sumbul's parents' wishes and focused on development of the plot through a financial crisis that affects the couple with each taking a deliberate decision to end the marriage. It is a serious play that explores deeper social issues than the run-of-the-mill glam issues being focused on in many other plays.
The central theme around which the latest revolves is the critical condition and hospitalization of Khirad, the baby daughter of Sara and Bilal, who also needs to undergo an operation requiring blood transfusion. The blood group is rare and there is no match to be found. Sara can be a potential donor but Bilal is obstinate and without informing Sara spends his entire time in searching the whole countryside for someone who can donate blood to his daughter. The doctor pushes him to arrange blood quickly while Gulzar tries valiantly to contact his mother and informs her about his sister’s serious condition. Although Bilal’s pride does not permit him to call Sara, he allows his son to do so. His emotional mindset has reached the level where he sees it as a test of his will to contact Sara.
On the other hand, the situation in Sara’s house is one of intense deceit - her youngest sister is aware of Khirad's critical condition but has been warned off informing Sara. She is distraught and in anguish shares it with her mother who is stubbornly set on saving her daughter from Bilal this time by keeping her away from any mention of him and his children, when she could not prevent the marriage in the first place. The episode ends with Sara's father wanting to reveal her daughter's plight to her but being prevented through devious blackmailing on her mother's part. It remains to be seen how Sara will learn of her daughter's condition and how she will manage herself for her children's sake in the next episode which looks quite happening and promising, judging by the aired promo at the end of the episode.

By Sumera Shahid

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