Mera Khuda Janay - Episode 23 Review:

So, Mera Khuda Janay is another GEO TV super hit drama serial that airs every Wednesday at 8:00 PM, written by Samina Ejaz. The drama is produced by the fantastic duo of Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment. Main lead includes the handsome Ali Abbas as Waleed, the bubbly Hira Mani as Roohi, and the ravishing Anum Fayyaz as Iqra, and the hard-core Aly Khan as Shafeeq. Supporting actors include; Nida Mumtaz as Kulsoom, Rabia Noreen as Razia, Alizey Rasool as Shahana, Fouzia Mushtaq as Bushra, Injeel as Takbeer.

The story is about marriage, childlessness, rape and second chances; it revolves around Roohi, who has been married to Waleed for 6 years. But due to being childless, her mother in law is making her life miserable trying to get her son married again for the sake of child, an apparent heir to the family legacy. Like typical mother-in-laws, she feels that it is Roohi who is unfertile and not able to give birth to a child, however Waleed is hesitant, but surrenders to the pressure and Iqra comes in the picture.  This leads to series of events that ruined everyone’s life. Roohi gets molested by Waleed’s cousin Shafeeq (Iqra’s brother), but out of her fear of losing Waleed, she keeps her silence and gives birth to Takbeer. Waleed loves Takbeer a lot and Takbeer also loves Waleed more than Roohi.

The latest episode of Mera Khuda Jane reveals that Waleed suspects that Roohi must have gone to meet Takbeer’s real father, so he hits her badly and bad mouths her. Roohi tries to explain him that she was admitted in hospital but Waleed continues to hit her. Roohi decides to leave home with Takbeer, Takbeer calls Shafeeq and asks him to come home as she doesn’t want to go with Roohi and wants to stay with Waleed. Shafeeq instantly comes to their home to rescue Takbeer but Roohi was already gone.

Roohi left home with Takbeer and went to Dar-ul -Amaan. She requested Dar-ul-Aman’s owner to keep her and Takbeer as she has no financial and moral support. She got assistance in Dar-ul-Aman and they gave her a separate room for her and Takbeer and also offered a job as supervisor of the centre for women in Da-ul-Aman.

Waleed regrets after Roohi left home, and gets worried for Takbeer. He & Shafeeq searched for Takbeer and Roohi, but they come back home tired and unsuccessful. Shafeeq taunts Waleed about being so unreasonable. Waleed visits Takbeer’s school to find out about Takbeer but school’s principal instead asks him about Roohi and Takbeer as Roohi has informed school about illness of Takbeer and has applied for 5 days leaves. Shafeeq also hideously follows Waleed to find out about Takbeer but finds no clue.

Takbeer is unable to adjust in Dar-ul-Aman, she misses his papa all the time and asks Roohi to go back to home, she falls severely ill and Roohi has to ask Dar-ul-Aman for financial assistance. She takes her to hospital but Takbeer doesn’t seem to be recovering soon.

Is Roohi writing her destiny or is it the fate dictating the terms? The drama is very fast paced, and the interesting story and brilliant acting skills by every actor is taking the drama up to another level. To find out more about the drama, keep watching Mera Khuda Janay and share your thoughts about the latest episode.

By Hina Ghaffar

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