Mera Khuda Janay - Episode 24 Review:

Mera Khuda Janay is one of the most intriguing drama serial of the season that airs every Wednesday at 8:00 PM, penned by Samina Ejaz. The drama is produced by the dynamic duo of Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani under the banner of 7th Sky Entertainment, an entertainment house that has several hit serials on their credit.

Main lead of the drama includes the veteran Ali Abbas as Waleed, the gorgeous Hira Mani as Roohi, the stunning Anum Fayyaz as Iqra, and the hard-core Aly Khan as Shafeeq. Supporting cast includes; Nida Mumtaz as Kulsoom, Rabia Noreen as Razia, Alizey Rasool as Shahana, Fouzia Mushtaq as Bushra, Injeel as Takbeer.

So, the latest episode showed that Waleed is worried for Takbeer but has no clue that where are Roohi and Takbeer. Iqra tries to console her on phone and decides to visit Waleed as he is alone and in dire need of a companion. Waleed calls Shafeeq after Iqra’s phone and gets angry as to why he revealed her secret to Iqra. Shafeeq clarifies as he just told his wife about it and his wife must have revealed it to Iqra. Shafeeq suggests him that the only chance left to find out about Takbeer is to wait till Monday when Roohi brings Takbeer to school. Waleed agrees to that. Shafeeq and his wife also convince Iqra not to talk about Roohi in front of Waleed as this is the high time she can get close to Waleed in absence of Roohi.

Takbeer is having a hard time settling in Dar-ul-Aman, she is diagnosed with severe depression and stress in such young age. Roohi gets worried on this and tries to give maximum of her time to Takbeer but Takbeer only wants to go back to her father. She called her father from Roohi’s phone without letting Roohi know but Roohi caught her and cut the call and scold her not to call her father again. Roohi requests Takbeer very miserably that she should understand her mother’s position and shouldn’t be stubborn as this is the only place where she has to live now. Takbeer gets hopeless as she used to live a luxurious life with her father; living in Dar-ul-Aman is uncomfortable for her.

Roohi takes Takbeer to school and requests her principal that due to some domestic issues, she has separated from her husband and plea not to handover Takbeer to her father or any other person. School Principal refuses to her plea and asks her not to bring Takbeer school anymore until her domestic issues become settled. Roohi gets disappointed by this unaccommodating attitude of her and brings Takbeer back to Dar-ul-Aman.

She decides to make her admission to some other school and sells her diamond ring to a jeweller at a very low price. Waleed gets to know about Takbeer’s suspension from school, when he visits her school same day. Iqra comforts him again and says that in her opinion Roohi is a very nervous kind of personality and not an outgoing one. She also makes him recall that Roohi has never gone outside not even for domestic purposes like visit to Takbeer’s school or submission of utility bill etc. as Roohi used to live at home all the time. Waleed gets confused after this conversation as to who can be that person who is the reason of distance between him and Roohi.

Is Roohi writing her destiny or is it the fate dictating the terms? The drama is getting very interesting and looks like things are about to come to conclusion. To find out more about the drama, keep watching Mera Khuda Janay and share your thoughts about the latest episode.

By Hina Ghaffar

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