Mera Khuda Janay - Episode 24 Review

Mera Khuda Janay is one of the most entrancing drama serial of GEO TV that airs every Wednesday at 8:00 PM, scripted by Samina Ejaz. The drama is another master piece of the biggest production house of Pakistan, 7th Sky Entertainment, by the dynamic creators Asad Qureshi and Abdullah Kadwani, directed by Zeeshan Ahmed.

The lead characters of the drama are being played by the skilled Ali Abbas as Waleed, the beautiful Hira Mani as Roohi, the fabulous Anum Fayyaz as Iqra, and the committed Aly Khan as Shafeeq. Supporting cast includes; Nida Mumtaz as Kulsoom, Rabia Noreen as Razia, Alizey Rasool as Shahana, Fouzia Mushtaq as Bushra, Injeel as Takbeer.

So, the latest episode of Mera Khuda Janay showed that circumstances made Roohi to come back home along with Takbeer, but she has decided to continue work for the NGO that supported her throughout the tough time she was out from home. Waleed doesn’t like that but hasn’t said anything to Roohi except she can stay at his home for the sake of Takbeer as he can’t live without Takbeer.

Iqra’s mother manipulates Shafeeq for not saying anything to Waleed, when Waleed misbehaved with Iqra. Shafeeq promises her that he will talk to Waleed about it. So, apparently things get settled down when Waleed apologises with Iqra in front of her mother and she comes back home with Waleed. Roohi welcomes Iqra with big heart and opens arms.  All this makes Takbeer so happy to finally have her family back.

Shafeeq’s relationship with his wife gets better as he is now satisfied that Takbeer is safe and happy and is growing up in front of his eyes. On the other hand, Iqra’s mother suggests Iqra to have her child as soon as possible, but both of them don’t know the truth about Waleed. Takbeer in her innocence probes Waleed and Iqra that she wants to have a little brother; Waleed gets disturbed at her demand but Iqra gets so happy and convinces Waleed to go to gynaecologist.

Although Roohi wanted to tell Waleed that Shafeeq was the man behind all these terrible circumstances but she couldn’t say so. Shafeeq manipulates Waleed to stay quiet about Roohi’s past as this will open up the secret about Waleed’s infertility.

The drama is getting intense as the story is about to conclude. When will Roohi be able to tell the truth to Waleed, and when will Waleed figure out the actual culprit? Will Iqra be able to cope up with the truth about Waleed? What will be the reaction of everyone when Shafeeq will get caught up? To find out more about the drama, keep watching Mera Khuda Janay and stay tuned to GEO TV.

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By Hina Ghaffar

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