As much as we felt sympathetic for Shaheena last week when Maqsood was pursuing her to let him remarry, this week we were taken aback with Shaheena´s stance on the matter. The curiosity, intrigue and emotions are all building up in this amazing production by our very favorite Sadia Jabbar.

“Tanhai bohat khofnaak cheez hai, aur tanha reh janay ka andesha us say bhi zeyada haulnaak hota hai.” Shaheena is heartbroken and afraid of the fact that she might be left alone after Haani gets married. To do away with her fear, and to win over Maqsood, Shaheena makes the most startling decision. She asks Haani and Maqsood to marry each other. While Maqsood is outraged on this idea and claims that Shaheena is being selfish and unethical, Haani is devastated on being used as a pawn for Shaheena´s personal accomplishments.

To add to Haani´s misery, Shaheena blames Haroon and his mother for being after Shaheena´s wealth, and conspires to turn Haani´s heart away from Haroon. She somehow succeeds when Haroon slaps Haani for misbehaving with his mother and who leaves in anguish. Disturbed by the thoughts of it, Haroon meets an accident and ends up in the hospital. Haroon´s mother also persuades him to forget Haani, meanwhile Shaheena keeps the news of Haroon´s accident from Haani.

“Haani ki dourain meray hathon me hain, mein achi tarah janti houn k douri ko kub kasna hai aur kub dheel deni hai.” Will Shaheena succeed in her plans to use Haani for her own objectives? Will Haroon and Haani get over their misunderstandings and be together again? Will Maqsood, in his greed, fall for greed and agree to marry Haani afterall? We can´t guess until next Friday, but if you can, let us know in the comments.

By Asbah Umais

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