Nigaar’s Strategies for Taimoor’s Attention Are Blowing Our Minds: Balaa Episode 13-14 Review

First of all, we so hate Nigaar for the evil she is plotting, Taimoor’s mother, on the other hand, is a simple woman but one shouldn’t be so humble to fall prey to the schemes of the conspiring ‘bahu’. The latest episode was overwhelming enough to make us go crazy. No wonder this masterpiece has been produced by Big Bang Entertainment!

Nigaar asked her mother in law for Taimoor’s love because he was only loving towards his mother and sisters and not towards Nigaar. Taimoor bought two gorgeous gold bangles for his mother as a surprise. Nigaar sneaked the bangles from his bag and when he tried to find them in front of his mother, she showed up with them in her wrists claiming that she thought they were for her. Obviously, Taimoor’s mother didn’t let Nigaar to take them off so she finally got to keep them. How clever! Nigaar also tricked mother in law into scolding Nigaar in front of Taimoor so that he gets sympathetic towards her and so happened!

Batool accidently revealed her love in front of Saleha. Unfortunately, the very next day, Zafar Sahab along with Junaid showed up for the rishta but Batool was at the university, spending time with the love of her life. Who leaves a chance to point finger at someone? Same did Zafar Sahab for Batool saying ‘Bhabhi! Zamana bohot kharab hai’, and when Taimoor tried to call her, Batool’s phone was switched off. Will Batool be married to Junaid against her will?

The intrigue of Nigaar has not yet ended so just wait for the next episode because it is definitely going to blow you away! The only reason why we love Mondays is this drama. What are your views about this outstanding production?

By Asbah Umais

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