Tum Se Hi Taluq Hai: Sadaan Rides On a Wobbly Road of Life

The twisting turns in Sadaan and Alina’s life are now reaching the climax. Family, business and love, everything seems to be upside down for Sadaan. Another amazing episode of Tum Se Hi Taluq hai hits us hard with heart pounding emotions, a wonderful production by 7th Sky Entertainment, whose tag is enough to turn a serial into a huge blockbuster. Undeniably, the hard work of the crew especially the heart touching performances of Nimra and Sidra stream the tears out of the audience.

The episode opens up with Nakheel and Alina getting married in a simple ceremony at home. Nimra seems sad and disturbed about this marriage and more importantly, about her sister Sidra. She hasn’t been attending the school for some days making Nimra worried. Sadaan on the other side is too busy saving his business and property that he is totally distracted from his daughter. Thanks to the cunning Rama who always tries and succeeds in keeping Sadaan away from Sidra. The story takes another twist when Sadaan transfers his property to Rama, leaving her overjoyed. Rama and her cousin Ashar drool over the property documents and we believe something really fishy is going on as Ashar obviously seems to be up to something really evil. 

The unaware Sadaan, trapped in business matters faces the fact that his daughter Sidra has not been attending school and that Aleena has finally married Nakheel. Enraged upon this, Sadaan strictly tells Rama to send Sidra to school upon which she heartlessly asks her maid Raheela to take Sidra to the servant quarter with her. Stuck in his official matters, Sadaan is completely ignoring his daughter while Rama treats her with all the cruelty she has. What’s the future of Nimra and Sidra without parents and even without each other? What are Rama and Ashar up to? Is Ashar going to bring a shock to the shrewd Rama in the upcoming episodes?  We have to wait six long days to find out.

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