Khafa Khafa Zindagi Episode 6: Things Are Falling Apart For Sara and Bilal

Zindagi main kabhi kisi cheez se haar nahi maanni chaye!” Bilal´s response to his son´s question in episode 6 of Khafa Khafa Zindagi is giving us some serious life lessons. Hats off to Sadia Jabbar Productions for producing such a unique plot with reality checks throughout!
In the recent episode of the amazing serial, we witnessed Sara and Bilal struggling with their lives after divorce. Their daughter Khirad gets seriously ill and is admitted to the hospital for treatment. While Sara is rooting to be with her daughter, Bilal does not allow her to be with Khirad, and reminds her of the contract where they agreed that Sara will stay away from the kids. From calling Bilal heartless, inhuman, and cruel and above all, Jallaad, Sara tries to persuade him to let her stay but fails, and eventually leaves the hospital.

Their son Gulzar, asks them why they are constantly fighting. Bilal tells him the truth about their divorce, leaving Gulzar astounded. We couldn´t suppress our tears when we saw Gulzar crying and begging his mother to stay. “Papa please aap promise karain ke mama ko kabhi nahi daantain gay!” The script, dialogue delivery, dramatization, execution, everything is so perfect that we actually feel like being a part of it. Sara´s father tries to help Bilal by sending him some money, which he refuses to take. On the other hand, Sara´s mother is forcing Sara to forget her children and Bilal, and start life anew. Both Sara and Bilal are trying to find a job, Sara being in a slightly favorable situation as she does not have to bear the responsibility of the kids. Bilal, on the contrary is managing the kids and the household quite smoothly till now. Will Bilal still be able to manage everything effectively after he gets a job? Will Sara eventually get over her kids and start anew? We are curious to know how the story will unfold in the upcoming episodes of this amazing production by Sadia Jabbar Productions. By Asbah Umais
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